US election 2016: Gloves come off for Clinton and Sanders
US election 2016: Gloves come off for Clinton and Sanders -

The Wisconsin primaries of the US election, starting this Tuesday, have sparked more attacks between the Democratic candidates Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, which have been uncommon between the two in comparison to those running in the Republican primary. A win in Wisconsin is absolutely necessary for Bernie Sanders to actually contend against Hilary Clinton, who has experienced a decline in her early momentum. As a result, both candidates did not hold back this week while campaigning against each other. For example, Mrs. Clinton showed a moment of anger on Thursday when she was questioned about her acceptance of donations from the fossil fuel industry. She claimed the Sanders campaign has been spreading lies about her and her donors. Bernie Sanders has also began attacking Mrs. Clinton’s speeches to Wall Street firms, in which she was paid six-figures, her foreign policy, and her commitment to combating climate change. On the flip-side, Hilary Clinton has questioned Bernie Sander’s loyalty to the Democratic party, as he identifies as a democratic socialist and sits in Congress as an independent. Voters in Wisconsin have been critical of the recent developments, claiming the attacks have been distracting from the issues.