Up to 500 migrants die in Mediterranean shipwreck
Up to 500 migrants die in Mediterranean shipwreck - Geopolitica.info

As many as 500 migrants and refugees died this past Saturday when their boat capsized in the Mediterranean. A group of 41 survivors have begun sharing their accounts of the events after they were rescued by a Filipino-flagged merchant ship and received at the Greek port of Kalamata. These survivors have been speaking with the United Nations refugee agency about the shipwreck. As was reported earlier in the week by BBC, the survivors said that they left Libya in a boat with about 240 migrants. They recollect switching to a larger boat at sea that already held about 300 people. The ship soon capsized and the 41 survivors watched as their fellow travelers drowned at sea. Since the beginning of 2016, about 25,000 migrants and refugees have made the journey across the Mediterranean from North Africa to Italy.