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NotizieThe Great War analysis and interpretation

The Great War analysis and interpretation


This afternoon has begun the international conference “ The Great War analysis and interpretation”. Two days of debates and discussion about a lot of topics upon the first world war. The conference organized by CEMAS (Center of Cooperation with Eurasia, Mediterranean and Africa Sub Saharan) with the collaboration of BAU University. Among the partners, there is our Study Center “Geopolitica.info”. The opening ceremony took place in Faculty of Literature and Philosophy of University Sapienza. Professor Antonello Folco Biagini (Vice Rector of Sapienza University) opened the conference. With him, the Rector of Sapienza Luigi Frati, the academic dean of Literature and Philosophy of Sapienza Roberto Nicolai and Antongiulio De’ Robertis. Professor Biagini, spoke about the terrible moments after the first world war. He spoke about the conference that was opened in Versailles, where the victorious powers intended to project a new European order, with the aim to establish a “system” of international relations, that thereafter could avoid the use of the war instruments as a conflict solver. After the opening ceremony, began the sessions. One of these have had as topic “Geopolitical Changes Before and After WWI”, where Alexander Tsurtsumia (Tbilisi University) analyzed what happened during the precedents and followings periods of WWI. After his report, others speakers focused their interventions about WWI and the Birth of Russian Eurasianism, The memory of World War I: Diverse European Perspective, The Great War and the Jews in Eastern Europe and so on. These are only a few topics discussed today. Many others have been discussed. In conclusion we be able to say that the Conference has had a good success. Thanks to all participants which have crowded the rooms of University. Thanks to Professors Biagini and Motta for having arranged this fantastic event. The Conference will continue tomorrow. Good luck to all speakers!

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