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Sala StampaSyrian Army Declares 48-Hour Truce

Syrian Army Declares 48-Hour Truce


The Syrian Army announced yesterday that it will start a 48-hour truce against rebel forces in the city of Aleppo. The truce began at 1 a.m. local time Thursday morning. The rebels have voiced their criticism and frustrations with the Syrian government and the truce, saying “they’re still waiting for the regime to uphold its commitments to release political detainees and allow aid to besieged areas.” The United States’ State Department announced that it was working directly with Russia in order to reinstate the cessation of hostilities that was promised in February. According to officials in the United States, the cessation of hostilities did have a positive affect on ending the violence in the beginning, despite the last month that has been extremely devastating, especially in Aleppo.


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