Supreme Court Showdown Could Shape Fall Elections
Supreme Court Showdown Could Shape Fall Elections -

Yesterday, President Obama announced the nomination of Judge Merrick B. Garland to the Supreme Court as a replacement for Justice Antonin Scalia. The nomination will now have to be considered by the United States Senate, who has vocally spoke against considering any candidates until after President Obama’s presidency has ended. Therefore, the seat vacancy has the potential to affect the elections in the fall and which party maintains control of the Senate. Many Republican Senators have expressed concerns over who the future president may elect. There is a fear that Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump, both of the parties’ front-runners, may nominate candidates that will be less appealing to a Republican Senate. As a result, a few Senators have voiced the option of considering the nomination of Judge Garland, but only after the elections in the fall. However, the majority leader Mitch McConnell is still refusing to consider any candidate nominated by President Obama.