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Sala StampaQatar World Cup 2022: FIFA ignoring migrant workers abuses,...

Qatar World Cup 2022: FIFA ignoring migrant workers abuses, says Amnesty


Amnesty International has released an 80 page report entitled “The ugly side of the beautiful game: Labor exploitation on a Qatar World Cup venue”, accusing the government of Qatar and FIFA of exploiting its workers who have been tasked with the $200 billion project of building and improving infrastructure and venues around Qatar. The report is based on the interviews of 234 male migrant workers made within the last year up until February 2016. These migrants have been working in either the construction of the Khalifa Stadium or the landscaping of the Aspire Zone Complex in preparation for the Qatar World Cup 2022. Some of the abuses discovered and outlined in the report include, but are not limited to, poor living conditions, confiscating passports, and not being paid for months. Qatar’s Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy rejected the claims in a statement, saying the report only investigated four construction companies out of over forty and that many of the issues had been addressed in June 2015. Amnesty also expressed the responsibility of FIFA and its sponsors to put pressure on Qatar to uphold basic human rights and proper working conditions.


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