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Sala StampaNATO to Expand Patrols in Aegean Sea to Stop...

NATO to Expand Patrols in Aegean Sea to Stop Human Traffickers


This past Sunday, NATO announced it would add additional resources to its maritime efforts in the Aegean Sea. Over 300 hundred people have died in this year alone attempting to make the migration journey on this route. The efforts are also hoping to curb the amount of migrants entering Greece, which has been overwhelmed the past few years about the large amount of people entering its borders. NATO would work directly with Greek and Turkish forces to monitor the water and collect information regarding migration. Many people hope that the NATO effort will give European leaders enough time to develop a universal plan in regards to the migrant crisis. Just this past Sunday, 18 people died off the coast of Turkey, an event exemplary of the dangers of the migration crisis and the urgency in efforts to combat it.


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