Lahore bombing: Pakistan mourns as death toll rises
Lahore bombing: Pakistan mourns as death toll rises -

A suicide bomber attacked a park in Lahore, Pakistan, targeting Christian minorities yesterday, Easter Sunday. The death toll has reached 70 this morning but over 300 have been wounded and may succumb to their injuries in the coming days. Most of the victims in the park were women and children. The terrorist group Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, a breakaway Taliban faction, has claimed responsibility for the attack. According the Lahore Police Superintendent Mohammed Iqbal, 14 of the 70 victims have been identified as Christians, while the majority were Muslims. About 12 bodies have yet to be identified. The Pakistani government is under criticism by the victims’ families for not providing security for the parks or Christian churches in the community. Some of the funerals for the victims will begin today.