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Sala StampaIt's Trump vs. Xi in the China trade war...

It’s Trump vs. Xi in the China trade war — and it’s personal


Washington (CNN) Neither Donald Trump nor Xi Jinping can afford to blink.

personal duel between two rival presidents could ensure that the escalating trade war across the Pacific may last longer than anyone expected. The showdown is now no longer just a confrontation between China and the US — one a rising power challenging the long established dominance of the global economic leader. It’s become a test of wills between two of the world’s most powerful men, each of whom has political interests that are more likely to deepen the conflict than to quickly ease it.

Both view themselves as strongmen. Both have imposed their power on their domestic governing systems by force of will. Both have the authority to trigger global shock waves — as they did when markets plunged following Trump’s tariff hikes last week and China’s multi-billion dollar retaliation on Monday.


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