Greenpeace Leaks U.S.-E.U. Trade Deal Documents
Greenpeace Leaks U.S.-E.U. Trade Deal Documents -

Greenpeace, an environmental activist group, leaked documents on Monday concerning proposals made between the United States and the European Union in regards to a new trade deal. According to the Dutch chapter of the group responsible for the leak, the documents expose the United States’ negotiators of trying to persuade the European mediators to weaken regulations protecting the environment and consumer. The 248 pages reveal about two-thirds of the latest negotiations proceedings for the trade deal known as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. If a deal were to be made, it would include goods and services such as agricultural products, textiles, and intellectual property, among other things. It is unlikely that an agreement will be made until after the United States Presidential elections in November, especially since both primary front-runners, Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, have expressed concerns over multinational trade agreements.