France accuses Syrian government of violating ceasefire
France accuses Syrian government of violating ceasefire -

The Syrian government has been accused by France of violating the country’s ceasefire with airstrikes this week. The ceasefire was agreed upon on February 27th, but Great Britain has released an updated report this week that accounts for breaches of the ceasefire made by the Syrian government. A US-Russian monitoring operation has the role of regulating the ceasefire but has no outlined method of how and when to impose sanctions. This particular flaw in the ceasefire agreement was discussed today in Geneva, where the coalition is based out of. According to the UK-based monitoring group, The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an airstrike in south-eastern Damascus killed mostly women and children out of 32 victims this past Thursday. The ceasefire agreement does not include regions where ISIS or the al-Nusra Front inhabit. For this reason, the Syrian government claims that any airstrikes it has exercised have been done in ISIS or al-Nusra Front operating areas.