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Sala StampaEgyptAir hijack: Larnaca hijacking 'not terrorism'

EgyptAir hijack: Larnaca hijacking ‘not terrorism’


EgyptAir Flight MS181 was diverted to Cyprus after a passenger hijacked the aircraft, claiming to be wearing an explosive belt. The flight was carrying 81 passengers from Alexandria to Cairo. The plane is currently landed at the Larnaca airport in Cyprus and most of the passengers have been released safely. It is currently being reported that some people may remain on the flight, such as the crew members and a few foreign nationalists. The event is not being classified as terrorism, as the hijacker was working alone and has claimed that he wishes to talk to his estranged Cypriot wife. When asked whether or not the hijacking was motivated by romance, Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades laughed, saying “Always there is a woman involved”.


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