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Sala StampaDonald Trump, Revoking a Vow, Says He Won't Support...

Donald Trump, Revoking a Vow, Says He Won’t Support Another G.O.P. Nominee


Donald Trump admitted that he will no longer vow to support a Republican nominee in the general election that is not him last night at a town hall forum on CNN. The question was prompted by CNN reporter Anderson Cooper, who reminded Mr. Trump that his fellow candidate Ted Cruz had alluded to similar statements, despite all of the candidates signing a pledge to do so last year. In recent weeks, Mr. Trump and Senator Cruz have been battling over remarks made by Trump about Cruz’s wife in response to a Super PAC ad featuring his wife and former model, Melania Trump. Furthermore, the third and final Republican candidate, John Kasich, said that if the G.O.P. nominee was someone who “is really hurting the country and dividing the country” he too may not keep to his pledge. Although both Kaisch and Cruz have attempted to be candid with their remarks, it is no secret that statements made by Trump regarding Muslims and immigration, among other things, have been extremely controversial not only in the United States, but worldwide.


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