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Sala StampaDilma Rousseff Is Impreached by Brazil's Lower House of...

Dilma Rousseff Is Impreached by Brazil’s Lower House of Congress


The Brazilian lower house of Congress voted to approve the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff Sunday night after three days of debate. 342 votes were needed to continue proceedings to charge the president of illegally using money from state-owned banks in order to cover up budget deficits during her re-election campaign. Two-thirds of 513 deputies of Congress voted in favor of the impeachment, with only 137 against and 7 abstaining. The Senate will now decide whether or not to accept the case. If they do, President Rousseff will be forced to temporarily step down from the presidency, resulting in Vice President Michel Temer accepting the position. Most political experts believe that it is likely the Senate will accept the case and vote in favor of the impeachment because of the positive and joyous reaction of the public last night to Congress’ decision.


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