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Sala StampaC.D.C. Investigating 14 New Reports of Zika Transmission Through...

C.D.C. Investigating 14 New Reports of Zika Transmission Through Sex


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been examining 14 new cases of possible Zika virus transmission through the sex in the United States. 2 cases already have been confirmed, while the others still await more testing. Although it has always been suspected that the Zika virus could be transmitted through sex, it is now becoming more worrisome for the global community. In all of the cases, each of the women had been with men who had traveled to the infected areas and not traveled there themselves. Furthermore, each developed symptoms of the Zika virus in the following two weeks of their respective male’s symptoms. If these 14 cases prove to be the Zika virus transmitted through sex, warnings from global health experts will only increase in order to prevent further spreading of the virus beyond the regions with infected mosquitoes.


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