Brazil Petrobras scandal: Former president Lula questioned
Brazil Petrobras scandal: Former president Lula questioned -

The former President of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, was taken in by police today for questioning while his home and institute was raided. He is a suspect in a major fraud investigation in regards to the state oil company Petrobras, which has led to the investigation and arrests of dozens of executives and politicians in Brazil. President Lula has longed denied allegations of his involvement with regards to bribes and favors during his presidency. Throughout his time as president under the Workers’ Party, Brazil experienced great economic growth and a decrease in inequality. Since then, the same party has held the presidency, however, Brazil has seen a great recession. There are both critics and supporters of President Lula and his alleged involvement in the scandals. Many hope that he will be found not guilty and potentially run for president again in 2018.