Barack Obama urges UK voters to ‘stick together’ with EU
Barack Obama urges UK voters to ‘stick together’ with EU -

President Barack Obama arrived in the United Kingdom on Thursday to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday, but not without sharing his opinions about the country’s vote in June to either stay in or leave the European Union. In his speech, President Obama used his infamous diplomatic rhetoric in an effort to convince UK voters to remain in the EU. He referenced how the UK’s strong presence in the organization has helped spread British ideals and values, while also creating open markets and increased cooperation between  the continent. Furthermore, President Obama attempted to convince voters that a united European Union with the United Kingdom would be in the best interests of both the UK and the United States, as it would strengthen the two countries’ historical reliance on one another. Not surprisingly, the American President’s comments came under strong criticism of the leaders of “Vote Leave”, one of the more influential anti-EU campaigns. Critics accuse the President of hypocrisy and think his speech is a ploy by Prime Minister David Cameron to manipulate voters.